“Through The Eyes of a Child” – 1996

©1996 Music and Lyrics by Lorraine Levender Whittlesey, ASCAP

Verse 1
Every child has special dreams,
Hopes, and expectations, and
Every child’s a miracle,
A source of love.
We can make the difference
To every girl and boy.
When we give the gift of friendship,
We offer hope and joy.

Through the eyes of a child,
Anything is possible.
Every day’s a new beginning
For us all.
Through the eyes of a child,
Every day is magical,
If we see the world,
Through the eyes of a child.

Verse 2
When the world’s a scary place,
And we need friends to turn to,
It’s nice to know we have a space
That’s safe and warm.
As we talk together,
We start to understand
We’re more similar than different
In our hearts throughout the land.


“Through the Eyes of a Child” was commissioned by Parents Anonymous® of Maryland (now The Family Tree of Maryland) and performed by the Peabody Children’s Chorus (Doreen Falby, director, and Marc Irwin, accompanist).

Special thanks to: Ed Polochick, David Fetter, Robert Sirota, Doreen Falby, Alan P. Kefauver, WJZ, Terry Trouyet, Markell Whittlesey, Susan Otradovec, Margaret Schedel, and Parents Anonymous of Maryland