2002.01.01 — PeekReview – review of Ebony & Irony IV: Clinton Comes to Harlem

—from PeekReview 1/1/2002:

Best Performance Collaboration:

Lorraine L Whittlesey and Joyce J. Scott

Ebony & Irony IV: Clinton Comes to Harlem 
with Joe Wall, Donna DiStefano, & Charles Funn

Mattin Center 
Johns Hopkins University 
Homewood Campus 
May 18, 19, 2001

Joyce Scott’s double D diva performance wowed us all. Whittlesey’s compositions and wonderful keyboard playing wove it together. Charles Funn’s baleful sax improvs were chilling, DiStefano’s percussion a backbone treat, and the the ubiquitous and unique Wall with his ‘suitcase’ of sound was pure eccentric icing on the cake. A great ensemble who mixed soul, cabaret, jazz, avant noise, and great political humor all in one fine gumbo.

It was an appropriate way to christen the new and very nice Mattin Center theater. Shame the entire city wasn’t privy to successive nights of the show. They can pick up a CD but nothing beats this crew live, especially when Joyce’s beloved Mama’s there to catch the show.