2004.09.08 — Maryland Public Television — promo for interview with Lorraine

Featured on September 8th, 2004

Lorraine Whittlesey

As Lorraine Whittlesey herself puts it, “I’m a genre-surfing composer who embraces traditional styles such as classical, blues, gospel, pop, and others which are integrated into choral and instrumental works. Technology and traditional ethnic instruments (such as the Chinese pipa and erhu, and the microtonal theramin) are also incorporated. The common denominator of the compositions is attention to melodic line and frequent use of polyphony. I also enjoy collaborative efforts with visual and performance artists.” Her creative career has included such eclectic accomplishments as writing a musical for a world-travelling mannequin, being appointed composer in residence for the American Visionary Art Museum, co-creating the ongoing music and concert series Ebony And Irony (in collaboration with Joyce Scott), and having a bass line of her invention used in “Wicked Bounce” by rappers Naughty By Nature. She joins us today to discuss her new opera “Einstein’s Dreams” as well as the score she’s composed for a new documentary about Baltimore’s arabbers, directed by Homicide and The Wire writer Joy Lusco Kecken and produced by Scott Kecken. The film premieres Sept 9th at Villa Julie College. Reception for the accompanying photo exhibit begins at 6 pm; the film begins at 7:30 pm. For more information, call Villa Julie at (410) 602-7163.

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