2002-Ebony & Irony V: Unleashed

From the Baltimore Sun, May 19, 2002:

Subversive combination of art and music
Performing pair makes wicked humor together


May 19, 2002|By Glenn McNatt | Glenn McNatt,SUN ART CRITIC

Joyce: Doesn’t it make a difference, though, when you hear that and then you think about what’s happening on stage? I mean, mine is a very different background and how we can still make a real comfortable blend?

Well, what’s the main point of your performances?

Joyce: Making money! [laughs]

Lorraine: Show me the money!

No, really – is it political, feminist, what?

Lorraine: The point is, because we can. We do it because we can.

Joyce: Exactly. It’s an opportunity for me to sing and …

Lorraine: I get to work with Joyce. And when you first work with someone, you never know how it’s going to work out. You’ve got to get a sense of the person after you talk with them for a while. I knew that, years ago, she had been with the Thunder Thigh Review [a skit in which Scott mocked America’s cult of thinness], I knew she was involved with performance art, and after we worked together once or twice, we just decided this is good, it works, we cover all the bases …

Joyce: I don’t even know that we ever decided, we just kept moving, ’cause why not? For me, I need to sing – singing is breathing to me, it’s an actualized way of living in a fuller way – so I love doing it and I want to be out there. The great thing about singing is that when you’re doing it well, others get that breath, they get a secondary hit. It’s fabulous.

With all the things you’re both doing, where do you find time to keep all these balls in the air?

Joyce: They keep falling and hitting me on the head, I’ll tell ya.

Lorraine: They hit me in other places. [laughs]

Joyce: She said that, I didn’t. [laughs]